Immigration Group. 3030 Coral Way Miami FL 33145

Horarios de Oficinas:Lun a Vier: 8:AM – 4:PMSábados: 8:AM – 12:PMDomingo : CerradoFestivos : CerradoTeléfono: 305-443-3900 Fax: 305-443-3900


3030 Coral Way

Miami 33145

Los Angeles, CA

Our office in California has been permanently closed.If you have a question about a case pending in this office we recommend that you contact the main office by calling us at305-443-3900Thank you sincerely.

Houston, TX

Horarios de Oficinas: Lun a Vier: 9:AM – 5:PMSábados & Domingo : CerradoFestivos : Cerrado

Teléfono: 281-907-8844

5901 HillCroft Ave

D1 Houston Texas 77036

Immigration Group of America, LLC – NC

Immigration Group 6047 Tyvola Glen Circle Suite 133/134 Charlotte, NC 28217
Horarios de Oficinas: Lun Vier: 9:AM – 5:PMSábados & Domingo : CerradoFestivos: Cerrado
Teléfono: 333-778-3977

951 Silas Creek Parkway,

Winston-Salem, NC 27127

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