Talking too much

Have you heard the saying that we should not talk too much and the fish falls due to his mouth? That applies to immigration. Sometimes people talk too much in interviews. They think they have to tell everything to immigration. There are people who have come across the border multiple times, but they have never been caught. If you have never been detained why would you confess this to immigration? You have the Fifth Amendment right of not incriminate yourself and if you entered two or three times through the border and immigration never caught you the only way they will find out is that you confess it. If you have a situation  like that, consult with your lawyer so he can tell you what you should tell immigration and what you should not say. Immigration wants you to tell them everything. People often put the rope around their neck and incriminate themselves by talking too much. To help with your case, call Jorge Rivera and Immigration Group at 888-578-2276.

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