DACA extension and residence

It is important to take the first step to resolve your immigration case. There are many people who have done their family petitions for years. However, they have not obtained the residence because they have came undocumented crossing the border of the United States. Now that the White House is considering the approval of a deferred action for parents of American citizens and dreamers, it is possible that President Obama approves the work permit as well as the travel permit for all parents. With the permission to travel they will be able to leave and legally enter the United States. With that and the requests made, they could be legalized in the United States. The requests of those who have had to wait for years will be able to see the fruit now if this law is passed. The idea is to take the first step so you may eventually gather the rewards. For help with immigration call Jorge Rivera and Immigration Group at 888-578-2276.

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